I cannot think of a better candidate than Frank Michlick. His knowledge of and passion for the domain industry are boundless. Frank would be a valuable addition to CIRA’s board.

Harold Simpkins, Montreal


I support Frank Michlick’s candidacy 100%. He knows nearly everything about domain names. He knows nearly everyone in the industry, all over the world, both in terms of domain name investors and domain name industry service providers. He has a clear set of objectives for CIRA and is aware of the biggest issue, namely the declining growth of the .ca namespace. This issue is a huge concern, as if this trend continues, CIRA will shortly be losing more registrations than it gains, in favour of other ccTLD’s and gTLD’s. This impacts the value of the .ca name space, and ultimatly can impact CIRA’s finances and independence.

CIRA would be incredibly fortunate to have someone such as Frank to help guide it through this challenging time. I have known him for well over 10 years, and consider him a friend, but he is also the first person I ask when I have an urgent or important question about the Internet, and about domain names in particular. If you are a domain name investor or if you have an interest in the success of the .ca name space, now is the time to support a candidate that shares your concerns and will advocate for you. Being a CIRA board member is not just another position to add to a resume; it is a profoundly important role that required real industry experience and knowledge of how domain names work. I urge you to find out for yourself about Frank. He is always willing to listen and to engage. You will be impressed.

Zak Muscovitch, Domain Name Lawyer, DNattorney.com


Frank, You have been supporting Domainers in Canada for a long, long time. I already cast my vote for you, and certainly hope that everyone else will. Having a friend of “domainers”, on the CIRA board can only help our community.
Ilze, Ottawa


I also voted for Frank and DNF is firmly behind Frank.
Adam Dicker, Toronto


Frank’s experience, knowledge, and leadership in the domain community are truly impressive and he would be a great asset as a director of CIRA. He has my complete support.
Jeffrey Behrendt, DomainBits


I have known Frank for many years, and in my mind he is the one person in Canada that has global reach, knowledge and experience in the World Domain Name Community. Furthermore knows personally many of the domain name investors; and key players in this field, worldwide. He has over the years attended many conferences, seminars and auctions worldwide; thusly, understands the needs of Canada domain name owners and of the stake holders. If we are to compete globally with our .CA -Canada brand, Frank is certainly is the ideal ambassador of “good will”. As owner of the one of the largest .Ca portfolios in Canada-Frank has our total support.
Peter Maxymych– President/Emall.ca Inc


I wish you the best of luck and you have my vote come election time!
Samer Jouaneh

[…] In his Candidate’s Statement Frank Michlick writes that “Censorship & Surveillance initiatives and Net Neutrality affect the industry and internet users and there’s a continuous push from governments that affect internet access, i.e. bills like C-51, the order of a BC court for Google to remove certain search engine results worldwide or the call to Quebec ISPs to censor specific websites.”

I support Frank Michlick because he seems to be the candidate who most thoroughly understands the importance of Internet domain presence rights for the furtherance of free speech and the success of democracy.  Please vote for Frank Michlick.

Robert Gutcher on the CIRA Campaign Forum

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